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5th Annual Bay Fest

Sunday, July 21st, 2024 at India Point Park

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Who we are

We are a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering Puerto Rican professionals in Rhode Island and their communities through cultural enrichment and social development. We are an executive solution platform, addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by Puerto Ricans while fostering a sense of unity and connectivity.

Join our mission!

Volunteer with the Puerto Rican Professional Association of Rhode Island and be part of a community that not only enriches your professional and personal life but also profoundly impacts the Puerto Ricans living in Rhode Island. As a volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to hone your leadership skills, expand your network, and gain valuable experience in community organizing and event management. Engage directly with initiatives that celebrate and promote Puerto Rican culture, while advocating for educational and professional advancement within our community.

By contributing your time and talents, you become a vital link in a chain of support, empowering fellow Puerto Ricans to achieve their professional aspirations and fostering a stronger, more vibrant community. Your involvement will help bridge gaps, build connections, and ensure that our rich heritage is a driving force for positive change in Rhode Island. Whether you’re looking to give back, build your resume, or connect with like-minded individuals, volunteering with us offers a rewarding experience that makes a real difference. Join us in our mission to uplift and unite the Puerto Rican community through education, advocacy, and celebration.


PRPARI is the organization for you to complete community service for college applications, to meet high school requirements or where you can better your local community. Join our efforts to enhace civic engagement and better the lives of others.

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A Rhode Island Nonprofit Organization

Are you community-oriented? Are you curious about the work that  PRPARI  is doing? Looking for opportunities to get your organization involved in the community? PRPARI allows you to invest in fighting for the needs of others, offering resources and to capitalize on your lives experience in the service of others. 

Corporate Support

Your financial support keeps our mission alive. It allows us to work to advance the issues that affect Puerto Ricans in RI and to help foster community for those that are establishing themselves here, all while, supporting the futures of our youth. Consider making a financial donation to ensure PRPARI remains a staple in the RI community.