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About Us

The Puerto Rican Professional Association was founded in November 2015 to “honor our past, transform our present and lead our future.”

gray concrete walls under clear blue sky


Our mission is to serve as an executive solution platform dedicated to fostering the cultural and social development of Puerto Ricans and their communities.


We envision establishing a platform that unites Puerto Rican professionals through culture and networking, thereby creating empowerment opportunities and offering professional services to the community. This initiative is dedicated to promoting cultural awareness, recognizing the invaluable contributions of Puerto Ricans, and committing to the comprehensive development of the Puerto Rican community in the United States. Furthermore, our mission extends to supporting youth organizations by providing tools for low-income youth. These tools enable them to effectively articulate their voices, master essential skills for problem-solving, strategic thinking, and assume leadership roles. 



Current Leadership

Current Volunteers

  • Zukky
  • Angie Lovegrove
  • Sandra Dávila

Our Legacy Team

Ivette Solivan

Founder, Past President

Griselle Lopez

Past Treasurer

Maria V. Garcia

Past Executive Secretary

Heriberto (Eric) Gonzalez

Financial Advisor to the Board

José Luis Cabrera

Past Volunteers

  • Valerie Ruiz
  • Carlos Roman
  • Jose Antonio Rodriguez Hernandez
  • Shirley X. Moore
  • Wanda Almodovar
  • Sandra Davila
  • Nadia Delgado
  • Waleska Dones
  • Rene Rivera
  • Peter Andino